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Bread Sweet Recipe | Making of Sweet Recipe with Bread

If we look into the easiest dishes at every nook and corner, we will go for bread. Even I come into that same circle where I prefer bread recipes for any snacks, breakfast or even for dinner. Here I have come up with another simple sweet recipe that can be made out of bread. Bread Sweet recipe takes no time to prepare but healthy at the same time.

Delicious bread sweet recipe is ready to be served.

I assure you that it will fill our tummy and soul. Since this bread sweet recipe contains egg, it can be given to our children as well. This can be quickly made for our tea time snack since it takes only less than 10 minutes to prepare. It is a perfect snack box recipe for our kids and I assure you that they will love it. Now let us go and check out the recipe.

Bread Sweet recipe - A healthy snack for kids.
  • Preparation time : 2 mins
  • Making time : 8 mins
  • Total : 10 mins
  • Servings : 2 Persons
  • Course : Snacks
  • Cuisine : Indian

Ingredients for Bread Sweet Recipe

  • 5 bread slices (Wheat bread or Maida bread)
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp of sugar (Optional)
  • Required amount of Ghee or Butter for frying.
Ingredients for making bread sweet recipe.

Steps for making sweet recipe with bread

  • First, cut the bread slices into square shapes and keep them aside. Then crack open the eggs and add sugar to them. Mix the egg mixture with the sugar granules.
  • Next heat the tawa and apply some ghee or butter for frying in the medium flame. Then take one piece of bread and dip it in the egg mixture.
  • Place the dipped bread one by one onto the tawa for frying. Pour some ghee over the sides to get crispy edges.
  • Maximum make it in the low to medium flame so that the bottom of the bread will not get burnt. Once the bottom becomes brown, flip the bread pieces and cook for another minute. Repeat this process for all the bread pieces in low flame or medium flame.
  • When both sides of the bread pieces are fried well, transfer them to the plate. Easy Bread Sweet recipe is ready to serve hot.
Serve the bread sweet recipe for tea time snack.

Quick Tips

  • If you keep your flame in high mode, the bread will burn very soon as it contains sugar and egg.
  • Make sure your tawa is not so hot so that bread fry comes perfectly.
  • You can even add honey over the bread for adding extra sweetness.
  • Egg mixture and sugar will vary when you take more pieces of bread slices.
  • Adding sugar is completely optional when comes to the healthiest part.
  • You can also prefer wheat bread instead of normal maida bread on a diet basis.

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