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This page is mainly focusing on the world’s unique recipes that fulfil our tummy. You will find all sorts of innovative recipes for the main course, side dishes, desserts, milkshakes, juices and quick bite snacks. Recipes for beginners, quick time making dishes, foods for babies also added here. Even the bachelors can try and make out the recipes easily.

Though cooking is said to be the toughest thing, using food blogs everyone can try and make out the dishes easily since all the recipes provided here contains step by step procedure and with picture representations.

People always say that Health is Wealth. Considering our health conditions, the healthiest recipes are also included on this page. The page is not run by any dietician or any nutritionist. All the recipes given here are our day to day life foods that we can enjoy food for love.

Moreover, you can find attractive recipes for children since they always feel difficult to have food. Food lovers will get satisfied with all the recipes posted here. Furthermore, most of us love to eat food but struggles to make dishes and this page helps them to satisfy their food thirst.

All the recipes posted on this page is uniquely tried by myself and brought to you as a blog. So all the quick tips provided here will help you while trying the foods and if you follow correctly, am sure that all the dishes will come out perfectly and you can enjoy your food satisfyingly.


Chicken Noodles Recipe is a spicy Indo-Chinese recipe mainly served in Indo-Chinese restaurants in India and other Foreign countries. This is not an authentic Chinese recipe but a fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisine. This Chicken Noodles can be served for breakfast or dinner. I have added my own spices to give an Indian touch to this recipe. You can… Read More »RECIPE FOR CHICKEN NOODLES


Mutton Roast, also known as Mutton Sukka is a delicious recipe cooked with onion tomato gravy, curry leaves, and other spice powders. This goes amazing with hot plain rice, roti, appam and idiyappam. This is a simple mutton recipe that is prepared within 30 mins. I have used both Shallots/small onions and normal big onions. But you can either use… Read More »MUTTON ROAST | RECIPE FOR MUTTON SUKKA


Mutton Gravy recipe, a mixture of chopped onions, tomatoes, spices and herbs with meat chunks is also called Mutton curry or Mutton masala curry. It is famous all around the world and restaurants. There are wide varieties of mutton gravy recipes such as Chettinad mutton curry, Kerala style mutton curry and so on. Here I have posted the basic Mutton… Read More »RECIPE FOR MUTTON GRAVY | MUTTON GRAVY


Nethili Fry recipe or Anchovy Fry is a super crispy fish fry recipe that goes amazing with hot plain rice and rasam. It is a famous appetizer in the Kerala and Kanyakumari regions. This Nethili fry is used as a starter and side dish as well. There are so many variations in making this Nethili fry but I have made… Read More »NETHILI FRY RECIPE | NETHILI FRY


The Mushroom Fry recipe is simple yet spicy and delicious and it goes amazing with hot plain rice and rasam. This recipe makes a hit combo with dal as well since it has pepper powder, coriander powder and garam masala. Mushroom Fry recipe is an easy style of making a side dish when you have no time but wishes to… Read More »MUSHROOM FRY RECIPE | MUSHROOM FRY


Vangi Bath is a vegetarian recipe that is usually made in South Indian Restaurants. The classic recipe of Vangi Bath is prepared without onions and garlic. But I have added a few small onions since it gives wonderful flavour when sauteed. This recipe is made using homemade Vangi Bath Masala Powder and I haven’t used any store-bought masalas. This goes… Read More »RECIPE FOR VANGI BATH | VANGIBATH