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Health Mix Dosa | Making of Multigrain Dosa

Always healthy lifestyle is the best lifestyle. During our granny’s generation, they had fewer junk foods and had rice as the main food. So they lived a healthy life. But we are the generations of junk food eaters. Even though we intake junk, we can continue with a healthy lifestyle by adding healthy mixed ingredients. Here I have come up with the health mix Dosa that will be very useful in our day to day life. Since it has multigrain, it can be taken as breakfast and dinner with a combination of chutney varieties.

Sweet and crispy health mix dosa

I have made this as a breakfast recipe for myself and my husband. When we have health mix as our breakfast or dinner, we will feel full and energetic. This health mix dosa is an awesome food for our kids and also a useful tiffin box recipe. I have tried this recipe to add a healthy mix to our food style. It’s because I have bought this from the store to have as my snack or health mix drink for my husband but I always forget to use it in my routine. So I decided to take it as a main dish so that it will get added to our tummy.

  • Preparation time : 5 mins
  • Batter resting time : 10 to 15 mins
  • Cooking time : 5 mins
  • Total : 30 mins
  • Servings : 2 Persons
  • Cuisine : Indian

Ingredients for Health Mix Dosa

  • 1 cup Rice Flour
  • 1/2 cup Health Mix (can take any brands of health mix)
  • 1/4 cup Sooji (Rava)
  • 3 cups water
  • Ghee or Gingelly oil for roasting
Ingredients for Health mix dosa batter.

Making Health Mix Dosa Batter

  • Add a cup of rice flour to a large bowl. Then add half a cup of health mix powder and a quarter cup of sooji to it. Adding sooji will give crispiness to the dosa.
Mix it well with water.
  • Then gradually pour water into the dry ingredients and mix it gently. Water will be absorbed will since we have added rice flour and health mix powder. So add gradually to get our desired batter consistency. The batter should be medium thick in consistency so that the dosas will come perfectly without any breakages. If you have added more water, then you can adjust the batter by adding the required amount of rice flour to it. Add a pinch of salt if needed. Once the batter is ready, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
Health mix dosa batter is ready.

Steps for preparing health mix Dosa

  • Place Dosa Tawa on to the stove and grease with ghee or gingelly oil.
Grease ghee or sesame oil for more healthy benefits
  • Pour a ladleful of dosa batter into the tawa in the medium flame. Do not spread it as a big circled dosa as it will break into pieces while getting cooked. Let it be in a small size.
  • Once it cooked well, gently flip over the dosa to the other side and pour ghee to its sides. So that the sides of the dosa will be crispy while biting.
  • Wait for another 3 mins so that the other side also gets cooked well. Then gently take the dosa using a spatula or dosa ladle and Serve it hot with desired chutneys.
Sweet and healthy health mix dosa is ready to be served.

Quick Tips

  • Using Ghee or Gingelly oil adds extra health to our body.
  • You can add salt if needed or can ignore it since the Health mix powder contains natural sweet in it.
  • Adding water to make the batter is an important thing here. Because the rice flour and Health mix powder will absorb the water in no time.
  • You can also add grated coconuts for sweetness and it gives additional taste to the dosa.
  • Since the dosa contains sweetness, spicy chutneys will make the best combination.

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