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Oats Dosa Recipe | Instant Dosa using Oats

We all know that Oats is used for weight loss and most dieting people have oats as a breakfast since it is loaded with plenty of nutrition. It also packed with important minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Oats dosa is also the perfect food for kids since it aids the digestive system. So I decided to make this recipe and to share it with you since I am connected with you.

Yum yum oats dosa with chicken curry.

This is a simple oats dosa recipe made using very minimal products and even beginners can try and make it out. I made this oats dosa when I had no other batters left in our home. Hence this recipe popped up in my mind. You can have this oats dosa with your desired side dishes such as chutneys or non-veg curries. If you are vegetarian then it’s absolutely okay to skip non-veg curries.

Instant oats dosa recipe is ready to serve hot.
  • Preparation time : 5 mins
  • Batter resting time : 30 mins
  • Cooking time : 5 mins
  • Total : 40 mins
  • Course : Main Course
  • Servings : 2 Persons
  • Cuisine : Indian

Ingredients for Oats Dosa Recipe

  • 1 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup rice flour
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • Salt to taste
  • Required amount of water
  • Gingelly oil for greasing
  • Ghee for sprinkling over dosa
Main ingredients for oats dosa recipe.
  • Take a pan and dry roast the oats in a low medium flame. Roast it until it turns aromatic. Make sure that your flame is low to medium so that the oats do not get burnt. Transfer the roasted oats to a plate and leave it to cool.
Roast the oats until it turns aromatic.
  • Then, transfer the cooled oats to a grinding jar and grind it to a fine powder. If you want you can sieve it once after making a powder.
Oats dosa batter powder.
  • After making a fine powder, transfer the powder to a vessel and rice flour to it. Also, add a quarter spoon of baking powder and the required amount of salt to them. Give a quick mix to the dry ingredients.
  • Then gradually add water to them and stir it continuously so that you can avoid forming lumps in the batter. Check for consistency. The batter should be in medium thick consistency so that when you pour in the tawa it will not get any cracks while flipping the dosa. After preparing the dosa batter, rest it for 30 mins.
Oats dosa batter is ready.
  • After resting the batter for 30 mins, give it a quick mix to the batter and add water to it if necessary. Then place a dosa tawa on the stove and grease the tawa with gingelly oil. You can also use your desired oil for greasing tawa.
  • Pour one whole ladleful of batter into the tawa in the medium flame. Do not overspread the batter. Let it be in medium size. Then wait until the bottom of the dosa gets cooked well.
  • Then pour ghee to the edges so that the edges will be crispy. Once the bottom of the dosa is done cooking, flip the dosa to the other side and cook it on a low flame. If the flame is very high or the tawa is very hot, dosa will not come properly and leads to cracks.
Oats dosa is almost ready to serve.
  • After cooking both the sides of the dosa, transfer it to the plate. You can grease some ghee over the oats dosa if needed. Repeat this method for the remaining batter in the low medium flame. Oats dosa is ready to serve hot. You can either serve this with spicy chutneys, chicken or mutton curry.
Oats dosa is ready to serve hot.

Quick Tips

  • While adding water to make the batter, be careful that you do not over pour the water because if the batter is too thin, dosa will not come as we desired.
  • Greasing gingelly oil is for health benefits. You can also pour gingelly oil to the edges instead of ghee if you desired.
  • If your tawa becomes too hot, sprinkle some water to the tawa, so that tawa will become cool. This helps to prepare beautiful dosa.
  • To add more taste, you can also add chopped onions, green chillies, a few grated coconuts and curry leaves to the batter.
Delicious oats dosa is ready to serve.
Serve it with spicy chutney.

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