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Nethili Fry recipe or Anchovy Fry is a super crispy fish fry recipe that goes amazing with hot plain rice and rasam. It is a famous appetizer in the Kerala and Kanyakumari regions. This Nethili fry is used as a starter and side dish as well. There are so many variations in making this Nethili fry but I have made… Read More »NETHILI FRY RECIPE | NETHILI FRY


Chicken Fry is an aromatic, spicy and flavourful fried recipe that goes amazing with hot rice with rasam or any other lunch recipe. The ingredients are very simple and there is no big deal to prepare this chicken fry. I have used broiler chicken for this recipe but you can either prefer country chicken or broiler. To avoid the unpleasant… Read More »RECIPE FOR CHICKEN FRY | CHICKEN FRY

Carrot Fry | How to make Carrot Fry

Carrot Fry – with Step by Step instructions and pictures are given here. Carrot Fry is one of the simplest side dish recipes. This Carrot Fry is made using finely chopped carrots and with some spice powders. Here, spice powders are added to enhance the spiciness since the carrots are sweet by nature. Carrots are one of the healthiest vegetables… Read More »Carrot Fry | How to make Carrot Fry